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Sony VAIO SVS13, VPCS1311, SVSA13, VPCSA Drivers Download drivers Windows 7, Windows 8

Drivers for notebook Sony VAIO SVS13, VPCS1311, SVSA13, VPCSA for the OS Windows 7 and Windows 8. VAIO laptops have always been a complicated install drivers and utilities , and a lot of pre- sofotom - which most people simply do not need.
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Many people who bought the Sony VAIO laptop after the very first to see a bunch of obscure programs, utilities , add-ins , bars, and even some bells and whistles - you want to carry all that stuff ! And to start with a clean slate - to install the new OS Windows, configure your computer to fit your needs .
The field you've taken down Windows, then independently installed Windows 7 or Windows 8 , faced with the problem that half the buttons do not work , the internet is not working , Wi-Fi does not work , Ethernet does not work , etc. Come on sony.com / ru / ua official support site notebooks , and discover what is available for your model 200 ! obscure drivers and utilities, and it is not clear that what is all this mixing - like porridge .
Honestly tell you I thought in time to install drivers for Sony VAIO notebooks will become easier and ponyatneys arrival of new OS Windows 7 and Windows 8 , but the Japanese samurai of Sony simple ways do not go and things got even more complicated and confusing !
I tried to organize it all , describe the sequence of installation , give their recommendations for the successful installation of the drivers and utilities for Sony VAIO SVS13/VPCSA.

I have divided into three categories of all this software from Sony:
1. Drivers - this is something you need our "hardware" ( Eng. Hardware), well, an example of which would be worked Wi-Fi, sound , video, etc. Without them, the laptop will not work correctly .
2 . Utilities - these are the programs offered by our Sony. They are needed in the first place for hot keys : Volume + Fn, brightness + Fn, switching signal output HDMI, plus additional custom keys . There are special tools for managing your wireless networks, Wi-Fi, WWAN, WLAN, 3G, CDMA, EV-DO, LTE/4G. All of these tools we need!
3 . Trash - a program that provides us with a good Sony FREE! The majority of these programs are simply not necessary : VAIO Care, VAIO Gete, VAIO Media, PlayStation Control , etc. goes on - all of these programs you put on your wish and not as they do not affect the performance of the laptop.

So I want to stay on the installation of drivers and utilities .

IMPORTANT : If you have any Windows 8 you will need to first install the drivers for Windows 7 , and then install the drivers on top of Windows 8

The following sequence of installation of Windows 7:
1. Chipset Driver (Intel). Exe
1.1. SATA Driver (Intel) RAID.exe
1.2. SATA Driver (Intel) Registry Patch.exe
1.3. Intel (R) USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller.exe
2 . HD Graphics driver 3000 -4000 (Intel). Exe
2.1. Intel_Graphics_Driver.zip
20. WWAN_Connection_Manager_SVS.zip
3 . Graphics Driver (NVIDIA). Exe
4 . Audio Driver Registry Patch.exe
4.1. Realtek High Definition Audio Driver.exe
5 . AuthenTec Inc. AES1660.exe
5.1. AuthenTec TrueSuite.exe
5.2 . Authentec_Fingerprint_Driver.zip
5.3. Infineon TPM Professional Package.exe
6. Bluetooth driver (Intel). Exe
7. Wireless Network Adapter (Atheros). Exe
7.1. Intel (R) Wireless Lan Driver.exe
8. Intel (R) WiDi.exe
9. Touchpad Driver.exe - driver tochpada
10 . Intel_WLANDriver.zip - WI-FI
11. ME Driver (Intel). Exe - internal bus driver
12. Realtek PCIE CardReader.exe - driver card reader
13. Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller.exe - driver network controller
14. Sony_SFEP_Driver.zip - a driver with the name of the ID SNY5001, http://sony-vaio-drivers.blogspot.com/2013/01/id.htmlэто driver should be placed manually as described here
14.1. Sony Firmware Extension Parser Device.exe
15. WWAN_Driver_SVS.zip - put in that case if you have a built-in 3G/4G modem
15.1. WWAN_LTEDriver.zip

16. Sony Shared Library.exe - overloading the PC after installation
17. VAIO Location Utility.exe - overloading the PC after installation
18. Hotkey Utilities.exe - overloading the PC after installation
19. VAIO Smart Network.exe

The following sequence of installation of Windows 8 :
1. BIOS (SNT) C5 (Kusanagi1) - R0143C5 - put a BIOS update at your own risk. Just install it.
WARNING : During the upgrade, you can not turn off the computer , nothing klatsat , the computer must be connected via the AC adapter !
2 . Graphics Driver (Intel) Driver Integrated graphics - the switch must be in the mode STAMINA. If the switch is in the Speed, then you need to switch it to STAMINA and reboot your computer !
2.1. 8UPG_Graphics Driver for Kusanagi (Intel) - Update!

3 . Graphics Driver NVIDIA - Driver discrete graphics cards - the switch must be in the mode of Speed. If the switch is in STAMINA, then you need to switch it to Speed ​​and reboot your computer !
3.1. Graphics Driver for SNT (NVIDIA) - Update to Video
4 . 8UPG_VU_ME Driver (Intel)
5 . 8. 8UPG_Memory Card Reader Writer Driver (Realtek)
6. 8UPG_VU_Wireless LAN Driver (Intel)
6.1. 8UPG_Wireless Display Driver (Intel)
6.2 . 8UPG_Wireless LAN Driver (Intel)
6.3 . Sony Wireless State Device Driver for 64bit
9. 8UPG_Pointing Driver (Synaptics) Uninstaller
9. Pointing Driver (Synaptics). Exe
10 . 8UPG_VU_Bluetooth Driver (Atheros). Exe
15. VAIO Control Center_Updater
16. VAIO Power Management_Updater
16. VAIO Smart Network Update 3.12
17. W8Upg_Skype [W] _Update 5.10
18. Battery Check_Updater 5.0

If Wasp some reason it does not work or you are the unwilling to spend their time - please contact us for help . Myproizvodim complete customization , installation and solve any problems notebooks Sony VAIO.

                            Anofriev Gregory Dnepropetrovsk
                            E-mail: grisha.anofriev@gmail.com

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