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суббота, 28 сентября 2013 г.

Sony VAIO EK, VPCEK installation of drivers and utilities for Windows 7, Windows 8

After the re install Windows 7 or Windows 8 on laptops VAIO series EK, VPCEK, VPC-EK there is a need to install the necessary drivers and utilities for normal operation. Gathering information in different articles and forums, I will try to describe the sequence of installing the drivers and utilities, as well as describe the possible difficulties in the installation. Just posted links to download. As is always the case in laptops VAIO, Sony engineers with software namudrili very strongly, and it turns out that downloading software from the official site, it just does not fit, and if it is established that not all of it. Half of the devices remains unknown, conflicts, etc. The setup process takes a laptop is not much time.
Sony VAIO EK, VPCEK installation of drivers and utilities for Windows 7, Windows 8
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Driver installation is as follows:

1. Chipset_Driver motherboard drivers .

2 . Audio_Driver driver audikarty .

3.Graphics Driver (AMD)

4 . Card reader Memory Stick / SD Ricoh_SD_Driver_6.13.2.7 PCI \ VEN_1180 & DEV_E822 & SUBSYS_905E104D generally not recognized by the computer in the " Device Manager " is displayed as " unknown device ". Require manual installation of drivers . In my case it was . Ricoh Memory Stick Controller.

5 . Stay install the driver Sony Firmware Extension Parser Device with a cunning name ID SNY5001. This will require manual review all of the devices ( known and unknown ) in the " Device Manager " with the name of the ID equipment. Perhaps it will take a lot of time ! But it's very important to do without these drivers will not work button! How to see the device ID of equipment in the " Device Manager " , right- click the properties in the dialog box , select the tab " Information" in the properties window , select " ID equipment " and see if our driver called SNY5001, then go ahead and install the driver downloaded from the Internet if another name for ID equipment , then do nothing and continue to seek close dalshe6 . Touchpad Synaptics_Touchpad_Driver_15.0.9.0 there usually are not any problems during installation.

7. Ethernet_Driver_11.25.2.3

8. Broadcom_Bluetooth_Driver_6.3.0.5600 easy installation .

Only after the successful installation of all drivers turn to install these tools in a strict sequence :

1. Install Sony Shared Library and then restart your computer !

2 . Install Vaio Event Service

3 . Set the Setting Utility Series and restart your computer !


5 . VAIO_Location_Utility and restart your computer !

6. VAIO Power Management

7. VAIO Smart Network on request

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